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What is a CRM?

  • Contact Management

    A CRM (Client Relationship Management) system enables you to manage everything important about your business, your leads, customers, contacts, and partners from one unified platform. No more losing paperwork, or sharing Excel spreadsheets across your team. Everything you need, in one place.

  • Improve Client Relationships

    Provide a better service to your clients. All of your client's information can be found easily, client 'cases' can be raised and immediately referred to with minimal effort, allowing rapid solutions to any issues that may arise, and a timely service keeping you clients happy.

  • Track Sales Pipeline

    Run advanced reports rapidly, allowing you to gain insight into your workforce, sales pipeline, and much more. Giving you advanced statistics allowing you to create accurate forecasts in a digestible and easy to read manner. We'll work closely with you to create customised reports that you need.

A single online, scalable platform to transform your business.

  • Available from anyware, instantly.

    Our web-based CRM can be accessed from anywhere if you want it to be, have staff constantly on the go? Travelling often to meetings? You can still access your CRM and data easily and effectively. Or if you wish you can lock down to a single IP address for extra security

  • Improve Customer Retention

    Selling to existing clients if your first port of call for new products and services. Not only does our CRM allow you to provide better customer service and satisfaction, but it can also send notifications for contract renewal dates or dates of importance to provide a huge boost to customer retention rates.

  • Tailored precisely for your business

    We understand that every business is unique, we work closely with you and can add bespoke features to your CRM to fit precisely with your business. Work with other 3rd party software or API's? We can also create specific integrations and automation's for your other services to keep everything running smoothly

Sell more. Work Less.

The average return on investment for a CRM is £6.50 per £1.00 spent. By revolutionising the way your business runs, you can save money, efficiently generate more sales, and save precious time for you and your team.

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Never Miss Another Opportunity

Your CRM is your perfect employee and companion to your team. It never forgets and always knows what's next. So you can relax, and not worry about missing another opportunity ever again

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