Kitchenlife are a bespoke kitchens company based in Crewe, providing exceptional quality,high end kitchens. Their website was old and outdated, and was not helping to bring in more clientele. The website also made limited use of new technology to show off Kitchenlife’s work. We aimed to resolve this by creating a new website, able to show off the fantastic work that Kitchenlife does with fullscreen beautiful, interactive galleries.

Our Approach

We Spoke with David many times and created a variety of initial pages, being a designer himself, David knew exactly what he wanted, and after some iterations we reached the perfect design for the new website. We then needed to look at the goals going forward, such as continuing to add new works to the website, increasing user flow from search engines and increasing the online conversion rate

The Results

The website was completed and completely overhauled from the original website. Full of large, beautiful imagery and really showing off the fantastic quality Kitchens that Kitchenlife provide. We also paid special attention to SEO (Search engine optimisation), as a result, Kitchenlife is better ranked since updating their website with us!